Don't Have a Bummer Summer: Sway's Universe Has Summer Releases for You to Look Forward to

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

We all know Summer can either be a time of wild adventures, or a complete in-door bummer (if you don’t prepare yourself). That is especially so — if you don’t have the right boom-bap beats or hype tracks to accompany your pool parties. Fortunately for you, you’re reading this right now and you best believe that the crew at Sway’s Universe has got your back! Below you will find a quick list of highly anticipated releases explaining exactly why you should get excited about it too. I’m about to put you onto some gems, have you lifted and soaring through summer.

Tori Kelly first rose to attention when her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You,” went viral, racking up over 22 million views. To date, her YouTube channel stays lit with millions of viewers. After singles like “Nobody Love,” “Unbreakable Smile” and “Should’ve Been Us,” Tori Kelly‘s debut album is anticipated to be the feel-good affair of the season: for those easy breezy Summer nights under the stars; perfect to sit around a fire pit and listen to. With that being said, her long-awaited LP looks to be a mix of funky pop melodies with classic hip hop rhythms putting this young woman in a genre all on her own. Keep your hearts warm, until the release of this LP. Release Date: June 23

Check out her creative acoustic cover to that song which you may have heard before titled, “Thinking About You” — that jump started her career:


The very sensual and talented Miguel is about to breakout from his sophomore album (Kaleidoscope Dream). Can you believe  three years have already flown by since that release? Needless to say, fans are thirsty for more this Summer.

WildHeart, is the title of Miguel’s upcoming project to follow, and he already has us drooling.

Yes, he is a GRAMMY-winner. But on top of that — let me remind you that this man had posted an unexpected 3-track EP on Soundcloud last December. So what may be most exciting with this anticipation is the fact that Miguel just may unexpectedly release another 3-track project on us (or something).

By the vocal pitch and tone he sings at on “Coffee (F*cking)” — this man is clearly, truly and deeply in love. Recently having revealed the project’s cover art  which he display’s himself in nudity (possibly), how can you not be excited about this one? Miguel definitely knows how to be a tease, but with this guy — the foreplay has always payed off in the end. Stay posted. Release Date: June 30

Miguel actually stopped by Sway In The Morning last month, to explain his relationship with his girlfriend (who has obviously had a major impact in the way this man sings). Furthermore, he also took the time to breakdown his music. Watch this gem, below:


This next one is rumored to be released on this date (which I’ll state in the end). But what else can you expect from Pusha T? Nothing is ever promised.

In 2013, he released his debut studio solo album, My Name Is My Name, which by the way still bangs. Pusha T is still on one and he’s calling his upcoming record King Push.

Fun Fact: The legendary Neptunes played a big part in the production.

Release Date: June 30 (…maybe)

You better believe Pusha T came through Sway In The Morning to throw down a quick freestyle for his very first time. Watch and learn kids. Watch-And-Learn:


Versace, Versace / Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati

We’ll never let “Versace” leave our hearts (or radio stations), but it’s time for something new by the trio, also known as: Migos. There has been a lot of talk in the streets that this project will have features of major players in the game like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Meek Mill, DJ Mustard — to name a few. Stay posted because you never know what these three bad boys have in store. Release Date: July 31

Watch these guys freestyle on Sway In The Morning, and also speak on Drake’s freestyle to “Versace“:


Frank Ocean.

That’s all I really need to say, to get your attention. #FACT.

His album, Channel Orange was a 2013 year-winner, hands down — and solidified Frank Ocean as an undisputed Creative Artist in his own realm, whose work would always be immaculate and brilliant. With that being said, it’s been a long while since we have heard new music from this boy. Although we may not know what has influenced him over these last few years or what type of sounds he has to offer this time around, at least we know that one thing is for sure. It’s called, Boys Don’t Cry.

So don’t effing cry boys, because this one that I saved for last — is about to be life-changing at best.

Fun Fact: Part of the album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Release Date: July (TBA)

Take it back to a live performance of “Pyramids” which many people didn’t even realize, had John Mayer making his guitar sing in the background:


We can’t forget the anticipation of freestyle’s we have been getting from Lil Wayne, who is rumored to drop more throughout the Summer — in process of his upcoming release of Free Weezy Album. But, while we’re at it. We can’t forget about Los Angeles’ most beloved R&B duo, Jake&Papa, who are releasing a freestyle bright and early tomorrow. Keep an eye out with us on Sway’s Universe as we work to keep you up-to-par with exclusives in the music world.



As predicted here on Sway’s Universe, Miguel just so happened to surprise the music world with a release of 3 new tracks off of WildHeart! I got you. Listen to it, and enjoy all three — down under:

Face The Sun” (Featuring the legend, Lenny Kravtiz):

Going to Hell“:

And last but not least, “Flesh“:


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