DMC talks Creating His Own Comic Book, Negativity in America + “The Garden of Dreams”

DMC talks Creating His Own Comic Book, Negativity in America + “The Garden of Dreams”

Today on the show we bring you the legendary DMC. Well known for being one of the pioneers of hip-hop and urban culture, Run DMC showed us how to not be marginalized. They showed us that music can cross different platforms, and affect different parts of society. As DMC joins the show today, he talks about creating his comic book. DMC talks about how a lot of kids nowadays hide their powers, in regards to talking about their talent. “Negativity over the last 15 years here in the United States is being used as a false sense of power,” said DMC.

Throughout the show DMC explains how he became into his rapper role. DMC would find stories throughout comic books, and intersect what he was reading into a narrative that he could rap. Throughout the interview you can hear him explain step by step his thought process when creating rhymes and how his passion for comic books and their stories intertwine with his life.

You can hear all the passion that DMC speaks with. He talks about going back to the community and helping children today. As he talks about helping the community, he tells Sway and the crew how he found out he was adopted. DMC feels like we as people need to push everything to the side, and figure out how to help these kids by just figuring out who they are.

“The Garden of Dreams” festival, which DMC is apart of, is a festival that will raise funds that will help kids that are going through some of the worse situations in life. DMC wants to help kids get better opportunities, regardless of their life struggles.

Watch above how passionately DMC talks about “The Garden of Dreams,” and helping the next generations of kids.

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