DJ Spinna Celebrates Michael Jackson’s Birthday + Breaks Down Studio Stories with Stevie Wonder & Uncensored Thoughts by Prince

Wow, talk about bars — and not the lyrical kind — the LIFE kind.

Today, DJ Spinna joined us and blessed us with some incredible stories with some undeniable legends. Not only does he curate Spike Lee’s annual “Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson” block party, but he’s worked with heavy hitters like De La Soul, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and more.

As soon as we heard Stevie Wonder’s name — we had to know more. Like, how was he in-studio? Spinna details it all, saying he was in awe watching Mr. Wonder play the keys and bringing the internal vision of the music to life.

Spinna is also internationally known for his insane parties. “The WONDER-Full Party,” which was an ode to Stevie Wonder himself and the “Soul Slam Party,” a battle of sorts between Michael Jackson and Prince’s music. Wow!

He also tells us the story of when he met Prince and his uncensored thoughts on his parties.

Watch above and keep up with @DJSpinna on the interwebz. Plus, press play below to listen to his dope Sway in the Morning MJ-mix in celebration of the King of Pop’s birthday!

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