DJ Montay & DJ Jelly Grab The Dream, T-Pain and Twista to Get the Job Done in “6 Minutes”

As the weather cools down and “cuffing season” approaches, DJ Montay puts together an all-star lineup of The Dream, T-Pain and Twista to capture the mood in “6 Minutes”.

Not sure if we have heard The Dream and T-Pain on the same track in this way before but it was everything you could want. They are arguably two of the most talented all around artists in music, especially when it comes to melodies and songwriting. Adding the mile a minute Chicago veteran Twista was a perfect touch giving it that necessary edge.

Check out the perfect collaboration between The Dream, T-Pain and Twista courtesy DJ Montay & DJ Jelly below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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