DJ Michael Brun Teams Up with Artists for Peace and Justice in “Wherever I Go” featuring J. Perry

What makes music great? One of the things near the top of that list is cultural influence. That doesn’t always refer cities like Atlanta sounding different than Los Angeles because of their lifestyle or culture, sometimes it extends internationally and that’s when music is at its peak. Haiti has a wonderful musical ambassador in DJ Michael Brun. He is partnering with Artists for Peace and Justice  to raise money for the arts in his country, largely serving inspiration to create this song.

The Haiti born DJ/Producer is no stranger to hit making whether it was being involved with an Alicia Keys project or rocking a Coachella crowd, it may just be second nature to him at this point. In this world premiere he hooks up with J. Perry for an uptempo banger called “Wherever I Go” that will have your body moving before you realize what’s even happening.

Check it out below then head over to iTunes and add it to your playlist ASAP.

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