This has been a very busy year for hip-hop, especially for the superstar Kendrick Lamar. After releasing his number one album, going on tour, and performing at different events, Kendrick Lamar still touches base and connects with one of the OG’s of hip-hop to create a very dope track with some amazing artists. DJ Kay Slay brings together a slew of artists to create his new track, “Cold Summer.”

The track features Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates and Rell. Each artists brings a different aura to the track, however, cohesively they all tell a great story. The production on this track was great for telling a story and rapping on a more reserved and chill vibe. Lamar set the tone of the record, then Miller came in, followed by Kevin Gates. Kay Slay demonstrates his ability to mix and match artists with this new track. Each artists brought something different to the table, but Kay Slay pieced it together so it could all work out.

Listen to the new track by DJ Kay Slay below.

DJ Kay Slay Releases His New Track, “Cold Summer,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates, & Rell
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