Dizzy Wright + Berner Want To Make You Feel Right When Everything Feels Wrong in their "I Can Tell You Needed It" Visuals

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Two friend’s that have the same mind-set inevitably always find a way to collaborate on some form of creative art together.

With that being said, when the thought process of both parties align with one another on a single musical track — the result is always a beautiful thing.

Dizzy Wright has been on a quick rise since his debut with SmokeOut Conversations in 2012 and he has only begun his high. The latest by Dizzy brings in his Northern Cali. bud, Berner. Lo and behold, these two buddy’s have created the perfect vibe for you 4/20 heads.

The newest track released by the Funk Volume star is titled, “I Can Tell You Needed It” which is set to drop on his upcoming album titled, The Growing Process. Stay posted until May 26th for that release; but until then, Dizzy will undoubtedly continue to drop off some gems for us to vibe to.

Get high off of this track, one time:

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