Director of "Amy" Asif Kapadia and Former Manager Nick Shymansky Reflect on Legacy of Amy Winehouse, Portraying her on Film & Reveal Stories Behind the Music

The life and legacy of Amy Winehouse is one of serious ups and downs, from the success of her music to the struggle with addiction, the new documentary “Amy” directed by Asif Kapadia looks to dig into every aspect of the late North Londoner’s life.

Joined by Winehouse’s former manager Nick Shymansky, the two speak to the Sway in the Morning crew about all things Amy Winehouse.  From Kapadia’s countless hours researching her and interviewing close family, friends and collaborators to Shymansky’s first hand account of Amy’s life we are blessed with some amazing insight.

Looking to go past seeing her as a celebrity, Kapadia who lived close to Amy in London aimed to take her off the pedestal to see her as an every day person.  From hearing the pain in friends voices to remembering the good times they spent with Amy, Kapadia recalls interviewing people who treated the sessions like therapy to ease their pain.

Shymansky recalls giving Amy an ultimatum after 7 years together only to see her walk away.  He explains that the song “Rehab” was written about him attempting to take Amy to the doctor and speaks on Lauryn Hill’s influence on Amy.

Check out the full interview below.

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