Director Chris Columbus Talks Upcoming Gamer Film 'Pixels' and Shares Memories of Robin Williams

The incredibly talented director Chris Columbus (hold the “flat world” jokes) stopped to hang out with the Sway in the Morning team for a fun conversation in regards to the upcoming gamer influenced film ‘Pixels’. As you may or may not have known he was also the man behind classics such as Home Alone and even the great film Mrs. Doubtfire starring the late, great Robin Williams.

He briefly touched on their great relationship, crediting Robin for being the reason he relocated from New York to San Francisco and even spoke of their children growing up as friends. Definitely one person that impacted the world through laughter and joy.

Chris turned that same joy many enjoy from timeless games such as Donkey Kong, Centipede and Pac Man into an amazing film ‘Pixels‘ which hits theaters this Friday (July 24th). It is immediately apparent just how much he enjoyed working on the film despite the grueling two year process behind it. We won’t offer up too many spoilers but just know there are countless surprises throughout.

Check out the interview below and if you haven’t seen the trailer just yet, we got you covered.

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