Diggy Simmons "Can't Relate", but maybe Yo Gotti can help in their latest track

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The last name “Simmons” always rings with power, when said aloud. The question of whether Diggy Simmons wants to use that power or not? It’s up to him. But considering the fact that he grew up under one of the biggest icons in Hip Hop history? It’s inevitable.

With that type of power, Diggy was able to bring on one of the most hardcore rappers, coming out of hip-hop’s Dirty South — I’m talking about none other than Memphis’ own, Yo Gotti.

The two hop on the track together titled, “Can’t Relate“. An unlikely pairing indeed, but nothing short of a wonderful surprise. This track bumps. Listen below:



Way back when Diggy was still the baby Simmons we all knew, he came through Sway In The Morning to define his views on Hip Hop and even spit a few bars, acapella! Peep the Simmons branch off into his own, below:


Yo Gotti also came by to speak to the crew and he tells all about what keeps him motivated and what he wishes for. The chat sheds a different light to Yo Gotti, watch it and possibly enlighten yourself below as he states:

It’s deeper than the music to me…What I’m doing is supporting the whole system. And taking it from negatives to positives.

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