Did You Know About Apple’s iOS 11 Secret “Dark Mode?”

Did You Know About Apple’s iOS 11 Secret “Dark Mode?”

The other day Apple unleashed a bevy of new updates, upgrades and new looks for their fleet of devices. Apple provided some new looks to the iMac, introduced new features to their operating systems and much more. Well, today we get a look at one of Apple iOS 11’s unique features, ‘Dark Mode.’ This unique new mode is aimed at saving your eyesight, doing so with changes to make your strain a little less to see your screen.

The new feature was discovered by developers using the beta version of the system. The ‘Dark Mode’ feature dims the overall screen and changes certain colors to make it less abrasive on the eyes. This is perfect for late night browsing and is similar to the “Invert Colors” setting in iOS 10. Check out the interesting new feature on Apple’s latest iOS update coming soon. Keep it locked for more unique new features coming soon.

Photo provided by Mac Rumors

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