Did they get it right? Our thoughts on Grammy winners

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

The Grammy’s. Did they finally get it right this year?

Everyone has their own (entitled) opinion. And when it comes to the biggest event in music, those opinions become loud and clear for the world to hear.

At Sway’s Universe, we like to get down to the nitty gritty. No messing around here. So let’s just start with the most controversial. Everyone’s question of the night was:

“How did Beck beat out Beyoncé in ‘Album of the Year’ ?”

And when I say “everyone,” that mostly means Kanye West. Yes, he had a few things to say — per usual — which just brought light to the main issue.

The truth is — this just goes to show that the community may just need a little education on their music sense.

Beyoncé is Queen B — she is a well-respected woman in the industry and is seen in the limelight quiet often. That is all understood. In contrary, Beck is just this folk looking guy who plays a few things here and there; and typically likes to stay behind his instruments. Simple as that, right?

Wrong. This man literally can’t move because he plays so many instruments. Here is a list of instruments that this multi-talented man played and recorded all by himself in his 2015 Grammy Award winning album “Morning Phase“: Vocals/beatboxing, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, percussion, sitar, banjo, slide guitar, twelve-string guitar, glockenspiel (German instrument), vocoder, kalimba and the melodica.

Now you can chime in on your thoughts. (Although Beck’s alternative rock/anti-folk instrumental game is clearly on fleek, surely you have thought twice about your opinions.)

Furthermore, The Queen B won with her husband anyway! Jay and Bey took home “Best R&B Performace” for their catchy track “Drunk In Love“. But just in loo of Kanye being Kanye — here is a clip of what happened when Beck came on the stage to accept his award, just in case you missed it:


With that being said, nothing can stop Pharrell from being happy — as he landed “Best Music Video” for his hit single “Happy“. The video sparked a larger message than just words to a song. Pharrell captured an image for the world to grasp and hold on to, which centered itself around just finding ways to be happy in a world that is so harsh. From Florida, to Iran, to The Philippines and even to South America — folks of all ages posted videos on Youtube.com of them dancing away to the hit single “Happy“. Because of this, Pharrell was truly touched by the impact that the video had on the world and even shed some tears on an interview with Oprah. So was this the right decision? You darn skippy it was. We can’t think of a better one. Please watch his interview with Oprah from last year to remind yourselves the impact that this video had worldwide:


Reigning supreme was Sam Smith. The angelic, UK native took home 4 Grammy Awards last night. One of them was “Best New Artist” where he was up against Iggy Azalea, HAIM, Bastille and Brandy Clark. This is a no brain-er and after watching his chilling performance with Ms. Mary J. Blige — the Grammy was obviously very well-deserved. He previously admitted, that this category was the one in particular in which he was praying and hoping to win. So — from the team at Sway’s Universe — we want to wish you a very big congratulations Sam Smith! Also winning categories under “Song of the Year“, “Record of the Year” and “Best Pop Vocal Album“.

In the congratulatory mood — we’d like to extend a bigger applause for Eminem as he copped “Best Rap Album“. A huge one to win due to the level of talent under Em. Artists within the category included Common, TDE’s – Schoolboy Q and Childish Gambino — to name a few. Em beat out the new comers, solidifying his role as the most awarded and top-selling rapper overall. So it was a hard pick for the judges in this category, but it was definitely a smart choice.

Rap and Hip-Hop is always a tough genre to judge. But after the up roar of Top Dawg Entertainment’s (TDE) internet shut-down on Kendrick Lamar‘s highly anticpated single “i” — TDE‘s real top dog (Anthony Tiffith) released the single at 4 in the morning (which we predicted here on Sway’s Universe).

So it was only fitting that K.Dot won “Best Rap Song” of the 2014 Grammy Awards — considering the unorthodox way the single was released and presented. But mostly for the change “i” had on Rap, in general. He left it with no boundaries — which completely switched up the game.

There are so many more categories to go through — but considering many of them are country related, we can move on.

So did they finally get it right? For the most part, they sure did!

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