Diamond Dallas Page Speaks on DDP Yoga, The Digital Age & Relationship with Hulk Hogan

Former WCW star Diamond Dallas Page stepped into the Sway In The Morning ring to discuss his new DDP Yoga studio and app, converting his workout tapes to digital and relationship with Hulk Hogan.

At the age of 58, DDP is in better shape than ever thanks to his strict yoga schedule, building a new studio in Atlanta the former wrester has big plans for 2015.  Discussing his forthcoming smartphone and tablet app we hear that the new technology comes with a customized video alarm clock with strict orders to get out of bed.

Making a deal with Sway to start on his yoga tapes we hear DDP discuss his relationship with the Hulk as he reminisces about appearing on the Tonight Show with him, Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone.  Find out what else DDP has going on lately in the exclusive interview below.

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