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Diamond D and Sadat X on the Importance to Educate the Youth, Talk Jay-Z’s Album + Freestyle Live

By Simone Hunter-Hobson

Legendary producer, Diamond D, and Brand Nubian rapper, Sadat X, stopped by to talk to Sway in the Morning to talk new album, ‘The Son of the Man’, the political climate of America, and the need to educate the youth in difficult times.

With his new album released, Sadat X discusses the importance to educate the youth particularly during a troubling time under Trump’s presidency. Sadat X works in a school and explains that the parents play a major role in teaching the children black history and empowerment. He says, “I let them know the truth. I let them know this North America right here is the wilderness… But we are here now. We are not going back to Africa. We built this land.” Indeed, this new album is filled with knowledge to pay homage to the lives of innocent black men who were tragically murdered by police brutality. In particular, Diamond D explains that Michael Brown’s murder was an integral piece to the music on the album.

Tune in to hear Diamond D and Sadat X talk more about the empowering album, ‘The Son of the Man’, the meaning of the Five Percenters, and more.

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