Dhani Jones Explains How Taking Face Masks off Football Helmets Could Decrease Concussions, Looking Up to Michael Strahan and Inspiring Stories Behind “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge”

Having played in the NFL for 11 years Dhani Jones knows a little something about football injuries. Joining Sway in the Morning he opens up on the concussion debate in pro football and offers an interesting explanation on how to lower the number of these serious injuries. Explaining that concussions mostly come from whiplash and not initial contact he proposes that the face masks of football helmets be taken off so players don’t use their head as a weapon.

Moving on from football to her new career on television he speaks on looking up to former teammate Michael Strahan as well as commentator Jay Glazer for all they’ve done for him. Often soon rocking a bow tie he explains his work with BowTie Cause and how selling one bowtie made $10,000 for medical research.

Coming to the show originally to speak on his new NBC show “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge” he elaborates on what the show consists of and share some incredible stories behind some of the show’s participants.

Check out the full interview above and tune into NBC on Monday nights for “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.”

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