Desiigner Decodes the Lyrics to His Hit Single “Panda” for Genius

Have you been wondering what exactly Desiigner is rapping about on his former No.1 hit track “Panda”? Yeah, us too. It seems as though every time the GOOD Music artist’s track begins to play the only recognizable lyrics are “I got broads in Atlanta” and then obviously some dealings with a Panda. Helping rap fans across the world with this debacle, Genius teamed up with Desiigner to perform the track as a spoken word as the lyrics slide across the screen.

Simply genius, no pun intended. The video has been making its way across the internet the past 24 hours and has even caught the attention of Kim Kardashian who although should be very familiar with the act affiliated with her husband also did not know any of the lyrics. Watch below and try your best to rap along with the track the next time it’s blaring from your speakers.

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