Derrick Rose Out 4-6 Weeks After Orbital Fracture in Practice

Derrick Rose Out 4-6 Weeks After Orbital Fracture in Practice

Bulls MVP caliber point guard Derrick Rose cannot seem to catch a break, no pun intended.

Only days after stirring up backlash regarding his future with the Chicago Bulls as his contract nears its end, the injury bug shows up during the first day of practice. Yes, the very first day. Rose has been forced to miss 208 games since 2012, which has seemingly been the story since becoming the league’s youngest MVP in 2010-2011.

Although orbital fracture sounds awfully painful and scares all Chicago fans with the “Man…not again” nightmare, he is only set to miss 4-6 weeks after a successful surgery. The Bulls schedule isn’t too tough early on so they should be okay when it comes to the wins column but the hidden story here is how it will affect the team chemistry. They will be operating under the guidance of first year head coach Fred Hoiberg who replaced Tom Thibodeau this offseason. It is tough trying to instill a new culture with one of your best players on the sidelines….again. But, Jimmy Butler should be able to fill that leadership role until Rose is healthy once more.

It is tough to watch Derrick Rose continuously deal with injuries and be criticized in his hometown when we all know he is an elite talent. Hopefully, he will come back full force and revive that MVP level output deep into the playoffs.

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