Derek Luke on How Street Politics on “Rogue” Relate to Donald Trump and Presidential Election + Being Chosen by Diddy for Role in “Notorious”

Jersey City native Derek Luke is no stranger to stellar roles. From “Antwone Fisher” to “Notorious,” “Captain America,” “Rogue” and most recently “Empire,” Luke’s calm demeanor has kept him in the acting business for some time now.

Stopping by Sway in the Morning to speak on the new season of “Rogue,” Luke compares Donald Trump’s passion and outspoken personality to the street politics that take place on the show. Saying that although Trump can point out people’s frustration doesn’t mean he can fix them. From there Luke describes his role on “Rogue” further and how writer Matthew Parkhill brought him to life.

Sitting in on Celebrity Wire with Tracy G, Luke listens to the negative comments made about the upcoming biopic on Nina Simone. After having been hand picked to play Diddy in “Notorious” by Diddy himself, Luke speaks on the importance of keeping the integrity of the character.

You can check out the full interview above and tune into Direct TV on Wednesday nights for new episodes of “Rogue.”

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