Deon Cole Interview: Writing for Conan O'Brien, Why He Only Pursues Average Women & Says Meek's Response to Drake is "Gluten Free Rapping"

With a mix of writing, acting and doing stand-up, Deon Cole has the ability to do it all.  From the Def Comedy Jam to writing for Conan O’Brien to starring in Anthony Anderson’s new series “Blackish,” Cole has quite a diverse resume.

From the south side of Chicago, Cole takes us through his early career and being kicked off the Def Comedy Jam for his lack of material at the time.  He also outlines how he linked up with Conan to write for his show after appearing as a guest.

Switching it up from serious stories, Cole explains to us that he only goes for average looking women as he’s scared of being rejected.  He also joins for Celebrity Wire and gives his take on the Bill Cosby situation and calls Meek Mill’s response to Drake “gluten free rapping.”

Check out the full interview and follow along with Deon Cole on Twitter @deoncole.

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