Denzel Curry On the Dangers of Racial Profiling + Nearly Giving up on the XXL Freshman Cover, What Happened to the Raider Klan & Freestyles Live!

Video by PVA Ent

Fresh off the 2016 XXL Freshman cover, Carol City, Florida native Denzel Curry joins Sway in the Morning. First knowing Curry from his time in the Raider Klan Sway asks about his relationship with the former members and what drove them apart. Curry candidly speaks on the relationship with the group and how they came up together. Clashing with SpaceGhostPurp he tells Sway that they’ve said what they needed to say and moved on.

Talking about the XXL Freshman cover Curry reveals that he almost gave up after his failed attempt at the 2015 cover. Now holding the crown he says it’s a lot like high school in the fact that it’s not what matters while you’re there but what you do after that sets you apart.

Growing up in Carol City he speaks on his brother losing his life in 2014 after being tazed by a cop. Having mutual friends with the late Trayvon Martin being that they both attended Carol City High Curry candidly speaks on racial profiling. Getting harsh looks from his braids he wears proudly Curry says it’s just simply not fair to be judged by the way you look.

Before he goes Curry steps to the mic and blasts the 5 Fingers of Death before asking for more beats to destroy all off the top of the dome. Watch the full interview and extra freestyle above and catch the official 5 Fingers of Death below. You can also grab Curry’s new project “Imperial” on iTunes.

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