Dennis ‘The Menace’ Bermudez on McGregor’s Chances Against Mayweather + the Right to Time to Quit

UFC star Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez popped in the studio to talk fighting, progression, and new endeavors on Sway In The Morning. The 30-year-old assisted in legalizing MMA in New York and is excited to be fighting Darren Elkins on July 22 at Nassau Coliseum.

Bermudez lost his last fight and is pumped to get back in the octagon. He explained to Sway and Heather B that he didn’t get too upset after his last fight.

“What’s mad gonna do? Getting mad after I lose isn’t gonna make me win.”

He did, however, disclose that UFC has a sort of 3-strike you’re out rule. After a third consecutive loss, it’s a time to find a new job, so he has more than enough momentum to win this fight.

On the topic of the upcoming Mayweather & McGregor fight, all sides are in agreement that McGregor holds the short end of the stick. Bermudez reveals that fighting does involve some luck, but Sway and Tyron Woodley, who called in, both insisted that it would take incredible luck to end Mayweather’s 49-time win streak.

Check out the interview below.

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