Demonstrations Spread Coast To Coast As The Outrage In Ferguson Continues

It’s been two days since prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that there will be no indictment in the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown. Despite living under the radar during the investigation, Officer Darren Wilson has already given his first interview, admitting to  ABC’s own George Stephanopoulos,  that he has a ‘clean conscience’ and would readily take the same actions again.

The response to the verdict was immediate, as pent up frustration once again exploded into the streets. First to respond with their own demonstrations were; Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington D.C. Several cities that have each fought their own battles with injustice.

Since then a new wave of protests have washed across the nation and bey0nd; as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa and U.S. territory Puerto Rico have joined in the international discussion with their own demonstrations.

An early map of planned protests: This list has quickly grown following the original verdict

early ferguson map

Below is a snapshot of a few cities currently engaged in ongoing protests:

  • Cleveland, OH: Protesters have been demonstrating the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice,who was shot by police on November 22 while brandishing a toy gun. Attorney’s for the child’s family have already requested that authorities release the video surveillance of the exchange.
  • Chicago, IL:
  • Oakland,CA: No stranger to social action, for many Bay Area residents the case in Ferguson is eerily similar to the slaying of Oscar Grant, who was shot by an officer while handcuffed and laying face down in 2009.
  • Los Angeles, CA: Over 100 people have already been arrested as many flooded downtown LA, shutting down highways and causing many to make early comparisons to the riots that have infamously rocked the City of Angels throughout the years
  • New York City, NY: The Ferguson verdict has sparked new protests in a city still reeling from the death off Eric Garner, who died of a heart attack in late July after officers held him in a chokehold in an incident caught on camera. To date a Grand Jury is currently deliberating on whether charges will be filed against Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who has been stripped of his handgun and placed on desk duty.

With the number of protests expected to grow, the Missouri National Guard has increased its visibility, as Ferguson struggles to find a path to move forward.

This story is still developing.


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