Dee-1’s Mission to Uplift Through Music Shines Bright on New Surprise Project “Slingshot David”

Dee-1’s Mission to Uplift Through Music Shines Bright on New Surprise Project “Slingshot David”

Dee-1‘s moves are always well thought out, although at a very unfortunate time he shows us this fact with the surprise release of a new project titled “Slingshot David.” Hailing from Louisiana, the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling this past Tuesday hits home for Dee-1, born David Augustine Jr. He has this to say to Sway’s Universe over text message:

“My heart is heavy right now. I used to sell mixtapes right at the spot where Alton Sterling got killed. The fact that I just dropped a new mixtape yesterday feels like divine timing, because my music is meant to be a light in this dark world. So I’m glad people can now listen to the “Slingshot David” mixtape to keep them inspired.”

At 16 tracks in length, the project features 4 interludes of Dee-1 speaking on forthcoming plans for his album and a tour. As far as the title of the project, “Slingshot David,” Dee-1 references the Bible in 1st Samuel, the story of David defeating Goliath with a slingshot. Looking to uplift, Dee-1 has been taking shots with his slingshot for years now and the continuation of this is why he is such a well respected artist in the game.

Along with previously released “Against Us” remix featuring Lupe Fiasco and Big K.R.I.T., “We Are Undefeated” and “Sallie Mae Back,” the project comes alive on the timely “No Gun” as Dee-1 raps about fighting hate with wisdom and love. He raps, “why I need a gun? God got me dog.” Stream the project below along with a few of Dee-1’s recent trips to Sway in the Morning.

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