Deborah Cox Shares Advice Given to Her by Whitney Houston & Making Music for her Biopic + Serenades Sway Live In-Studio

After an impressive performance in Whitney Houston’s biopic, Toronto native Deborah Cox joins Sway In The Morning to speak on advice Whitney gave to her and re-creating her music for the film.

One of the first big artists out of Canada, Cox discusses her success in America and paving the way for the likes of Drake and Carly Rae Jepsen.  We also hear the story of Cox meeting her husband and how they flew to LA together to sign her first deal.

Transitioning into her recent work we hear how Cox approached re-creating the music made by the late Whitney Houston as well as sharing advice Whitney gave to her before she passed.  Check out the full interview below to hear Deborah Cox elaborate on these points and more and make sure to grab her latest single “Kinda Miss You” on iTunes.

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