Debi Mazar Speaks on Her Relationship with Madonna, How She Got Into Acting, New Show "Younger" and Thoughts on Unknown Actors Landing Big Roles

Joining the Sway In The Morning studios to promote her new series “Younger,” New York native and incredibly talented actress Debi Mazar opens up about everything from cooking, relationships and women in Hollywood wanting to feel empowered.

Meeting Madonna before she was a big time star, Mazar speaks on how they met and knowing that she dated Tupac long before it was revealed to the public.  Starting out doing makeup we hear how a trip to the theater inspired her to be on the other side of the camera or curtain.

With an Italian chef as a husband we hear how Mazar keeps it sexy in the kitchen and why her and her family don’t go out to each much.  Hearing her kitchen stories we hear from a caller seeking relationship advice from Mazar which spins itself into quite the conversation between her and the Sway In The Morning cast.

Switching over to her new series “Younger” which hit TV Land March 31st, Mazar describes the plot and characters while going into debate about the notion of Hollywood’s switch to unknown actors for some of the biggest new roles.  Playing a character who is 10 years younger than her, Mazar speaks on women feeling empowered in Hollywood and going after younger roles.

Ending the interview with some Entourage banter she reveals what life is like behind the scenes.  Check out the full interview below.

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