Dean Cain (aka Superman) Talks “Hit the Floor” Premiere, Hooping with Kevin Hart and Getting Kissed By A Man

Dean Cain to all, Superman to most.

The long time actor most notably known for his role as Superman fly by Sway in the Morning to hang out and discuss the upcoming season of VH1’s “Hit the Floor” which premieres Season 3 on Monday at 9pm EST. The show spins the world of professional basketball in a never before seen way as Cain’s on screen character deals with a troubling ex while finding the love of his life and taking care of his daughter.

What’s ironic about the show being centered around basketball is that the lead star Taylour Paige actually used to be a Laker girl and Dean Cain hoops occasionally with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Not a bad group at all. Rewind time a little further thanks to the DB’s game “Clear up the Facts”┬áCain reveals that he, Sean Penn, Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen all grew up together in Malibu playing sports.

Incredible journey behind the once known man of steel, enjoy the full interview below and be sure to tune in Monday night as “Hit the Floor” airs on VH1.

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