David Hasselhoff Speaks on His Kiss With Lady Gaga, the Upcoming Baywatch Movie, and his New Show

Video by YSKSK Media

David Hasselhoff decided to stop by Sway in the Morning to talk about his show Hoff the Record, the new upcoming Baywatch movie, and his run in with Lady Gaga.  Sway and the Hoff actually go way back, first meeting in Germany a couple years ago.  David recounts the time he first met Lady Gaga when he had to present an award to her in Ireland and how her comment about his “can we say this on the radio” and a kiss on the cheek, made headlines the next day.

The actor/singer reflects on his time at Baywatch and metaphorically passes the “rescue cam” off to  The Rock (described as “a man and a half”), who will be taking over for Hasselhoff in the upcoming movie set to premiere in 2017, also starring Zac Efron.

The Knight Rider star is also glad to be back in the United States.  His show Hoff the Record, first filmed in the UK, mocks the good and the bad times David went through using satire, like when the media went crazy over him having too many burgers and beers in his house.  Hoff the Record will air Thursday nights on AXS TV 9 p.m. ET.  Get to know the more personal side of the Hoff and watch the interview down below.

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