David Arquette Talks Hollywood ‘Creeps’ + Raps on Sway In The Morning

Multifaceted artist and entertainer David Arquette stopped by Sway In The Morning. He and Sway reminisced about the original Sigmund and the Sea Monsters which is currently being rebooted and includes Arquette as Captain Barnabas.

Patricia Arquette, David Arquette’s sister, recently disclosed a ‘weird’ interaction she experienced with Oliver Stone. Arquette explained that in Hollywood, addressing sexual aggressors are forewarned as, “that guy is creepy,” but details are often spared. Altogether, the actor is proud of the women coming out and sharing their stories.

Catch the second season of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters on Amazon Prime, his upcoming film Amanda and Jack Go Glamping on demand on November 10, and check out the full interview above.

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