Darryl Strawberry on Overcoming Addiction, ESPN 30 For 30 Documentary + Being a Baseball Player But Not a Man

Eight time MLB all-star and four time World Series Champion Darryl Strawberry was known for much more than just his talent on the baseball field during his illustrious career. Opening up to ESPN for their 30 For 30 series, Strawberry joins Sway in the Morning to speak on some serious events in his live as he overcame addiction and mended his relationship with his father.

Candidly starting the conversation Strawberry speaks on the importance of revealing his whole story to ESPN for the documentary. With people not truly knowing where he came from he opens up about his abusive father. “My pain lead me to my greatness and my greatness lead me to my destructive behavior,” he says.

Revealing that his relationship with God is better than ever he opens up about making amends with his father and asking for his forgiveness after years of not communicating.

Speaking on his father Sway asks Strawberry about his relationship with his own kids. Strawberry candidly answers as he says things have been a little rough with his two oldest children because they witnessed the way he treated their mothers. “I was a baseball player and not a man” he says. “I wanted to be a man.”

Being introduced to cocaine at the age of 21 on his first MLB road trip Strawberry opens up about some of the lowest moments of his life shooting heroin. He speaks on overcoming addiction and his current work setting up treatment facilities as he shares his thoughts learning not to judge others.

Watch the full interview above and keep up with Strawberry’s ministries on Twitter @StrawMinistries.

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