Daniel Radcliffe Reveals that Someone Owns a Mold of His Buttocks with a Pole In It, Harry Potter Rumors & White Supremacy Movie “Imperium”

The world has watched Daniel Radcliffe evolve from a young boy into a man as one of the most famous characters of all time in Harry Potter. Out promoting his new movie “Imperium” which premiers this Friday, August 19th, Radcliffe joins Sway in the Morning to speak on his various roles since Harry Potter wrapped.

Opening up about one of his more interesting recent roles in “Swiss Army Man,” Radcliffe jokes about being a corpse that is propelled like a jet ski with his own farts. Talking about how this unusual scene unfolded he says a mold of his buttocks was made complete with a pole through it to push air out. Laughing throughout he stops to ponder who may own this piece of ass.

Getting into his new movie “Imperium,” Radcliffe talks about the person his character is based off. Going undercover in a neo-nazi movement he used to attach tape players to his leg to record everything that was going on. Often accused of being a cop Radcliffe says the man he is portraying told him that asking another person in the group if they were a cop made everyone skeptic thus leaving him protected.

Moving back to lighter subject matter Radcliffe talks about his music taste which includes a love for Eminem and his word play. He also talks about his love of sports while joking about England creating sports that they then get their asses kicked in. Watch the full interview above and make sure to head to theaters this Friday to see “Imperium.”

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