D Smoke Portrays A World Without Women in New Visual for “Rapture”

D Smoke Portrays A World Without Women in New Visual for “Rapture”

D Smoke is back with a powerful and emotionally thought-provoking video for his new single “Rapture” and we can definitely say D Smoke never disappoints. 

The black and white visual conveys a message about a world without women and the treatment women receive. The visual starts off with a dialogue about how a black woman desires to be treated like a caucasian man because it does not involve backlash, disappointment, sadness, and heavy burdens. Instead, the female actor desires to receive better treatment. She says “lie to me” and “fake it with me” to avoid carrying the burden of the black man and receiving poor treatment. 

“Imagine a day without women (women)

I bet your first thought was, “Who ’bout to take care of the children?” (Children)

That’s just like us, placin’ all of their value in rearin’

Lil’ versions of our imperfect heart on the surface

Hard to work, we’re soft at the core, won’t explore past traumas

Just to make sure he could be a good father (yeah)

Imagine they missin’ for starters (starters)

We stuck in predicament that we can’t fix with our wallets

Now we must deal with our garbage, baggage”

D smoke lyrically paints a picture of a black and white world that shows the raw emotions and experiences of black men and women. The visual depicts the torment and pain of black women and transitions into black men receiving backlash for their harsh behavior. Towards the end, we see women getting their feet washed by the men similar to a biblical event that took place with the disciples, cleansing and purifying them. We see men getting punished for their disrespect towards women. We see men leaving the world spiritually in a symbolic way that resembles a present-day rapture. 

“Wonder just how you feel in every moment

Knowin’ that she could be gone and heaven’s home to all of her children (yeah)

After that vision I’m willin’ to listen

After that sentence to an existence without passion

I’d risk it all to give it all right back to our women

Can’t turn our backs on our women

Do more than chill and relax on our women

Secure the bag, and invest the stash

Lil’ boy boy be mad, can’t place a tag

With a price on a life, with the right woman

Ike with the right, try to fight women

Die, nigga die if you strike women (yeah)”

D Smoke’s lyricism never ceases to amaze us and we are hoping there is a body of work on the way.

Watch “Rapture” here.

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