D.R.A.M. Puts Out a Feel Good Track Called “Broccoli” Featuring Lil Yachty

I can’t think of one D.R.A.M. record that hasn’t put me in a good mood.  Not sure if it’s his production or his happy-go-lucky voice, but whatever it is, it’s very important for the culture.  This new joint is called “Broccoli” and it features up-and-comer Lil Yachty.

The production, by J-Gramm, Rogét Chahayed, & Karl Rubin, has the perfect mix of keys, a heavy bass, and a faint flute sound in the chorus.  With 4/20 coming up, my weed smokers should already know what that “Broccoli” stands for.  Light one, listen to this, and enjoy the good vibes D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty whipped up.


#TBT to when D.R.A.M. just dropped “Cha Cha” and stopped by the Sway in the Morning studio to talk about why he held off signing with a major label.

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