D 12 Interview: How Did They Join Forces? Lessons Learned from Dr. Dre, Eminem and Rap + 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Without Eminem would there be a Shade 45? Without D12 would there be an Eminem or vice versa? Good thing we never have to find out, the music world would be an entirely different place and we would’ve been cheated out of some greats.

The recent special guests on Sway in the Morning fall right into that category of “the greats” without a doubt, the one and only D12. We got a chance to sit down with Swifty McVay, Bizarre and Kuniva to look back on how everything began. Whether it was by chance or fate, each solo artist linking up together piece by piece thanks to the Hip Hop Shop fostering their talent – it’s beautiful to hear firsthand exactly how they all joined forces.

After the consistent work with Dr. Dre and Eminem you’d have to imagine there’s wealth of knowledge they share and soaked in between them all. We had to find out some of the most important lessons learned along the way, even got into a special background story about the infamous Rap Olympics battle that linked Sway and Em EARLY on.

There probably couldn’t have been a more fitting guest to appear on SITM for the 11th anniversary of Shade 45. Amazing to see the journey from humble beginnings as “underground artists” focused solely on bars to super stardom to sitting down on a radio show named after something they all helped build.

Be sure to check out the full interview, the best 45 minutes you will spend all day and you know they couldn’t leave without touching the 5 Fingers of Death. Want more from the guys of D12? Grab that Devil’s Night mixtape which is dropping October 30th.

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