Cyph360 Has Releases “I’m The Man Yea” and “Work” Feat. Dibiasi

Cyph360 Has Releases “I’m The Man Yea” and “Work” Feat. Dibiasi

Cyph360, better known as an author Shyrone Cyph Smith with 15 books published, has released 2 singles on Friday the 13th. “I’m The Man Yea,” and “Work” feat Dibiasi, which both are produced by Harve Shapiro from the upcoming EP “Success In Progress” which is slated to be released Jan 2020. 

Cyph360 is not new to the game and has been behind the scenes in the music industry while having a successful career as an author. He made his return to music appearing on multiple tracks on Baldhead Jackson’s “The Baldhead Project” and also working for Para Music Group and helping artists like Bianca Bonnie of Love and Hip Hop and Sharaya J, a runner up on the TV show The 4. 

Cyph360 has also co-founded a film production company Cash Cow Films with Partners Smash Hitz, Jojo Capone, and Gil Keys and they are set to release 2 featured films in 2020 and are in talks with having shows cable TV.  Now with everything going on, he sets his sites on music and 

“I’m The Man Yea,” and “Work” both represents his current state of mind. In order to be the man, you have to put in work. 

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