Creative Overflow: Taylor Swift Debuts "Bad Blood" Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar

It was only a matter of time before these industry giants joined forces after admitting to being huge fans of one another. Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar working together is great for music culture, opening up a lane of endless possibilities for artists to forget what a “genre” is as they focus solely on creating new sounds. The creativity between the two spilled right into the “Bad Blood” remix and an action packed video (directed by Joseph Kahn) to go hand in hand. Fans that were watching the Billboard Music Awards last night had a little sneak peek but the full-length visual is one of a kind. You may even recognize a few of the heroic faces including Ellie Goulding. 

Audio or Visual? However you prefer to enjoy the collab between Kendrick and Taylor Swift we have you covered right here! Check it out and be sure to leave us with your thoughts. Available on iTunes now.

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