Crazy Legs is a pioneer in the Hip-Hop world, not for his bars, but for his b-boy legacy. From the Bronx, New York — the home of Hip-Hop, to our Manhattan Sirius XM studios, Crazy Legs steps into our studio for a true lesson of our beloved music genre and fills us in on what Rock Steady is all about.

In an interesting story, Crazy Legs explains the real origin of B-Boy (meaning Bronx Boy), and how Run DMC accidentally re-named and re-defined the B-Boy Stance.

While in-studio, he also breaks down where the term “Hip-Hop” came from, and how Love Bug Starski came up with it.

But why he really came to talk to us was to promote the new Puerto Rock Steady Music Festival! A 3-day party featuring performances by Talib Kweli, DJ Fleg, DJ Velcro, DJ Charlie Chase, DJ G-Bo The Pro & Erika The DJ “WayBack Whensdays” NYC, DJ Kool Flash, DJ Eriko… and more! To get more info and grab your tickets, head over to

Watch below for our full interview, and keep up with @CrazyLegsRSC online.

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