Craig G, Champion 5 Fingers of Death Freestyler Breaks Down His Classic Rap Music and Why He Doesn’t Make Music for Teenagers

Video by YSKSK Media

Coming up with the legendary Juice Crew which included the likes of Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane and the legendary DJ Marley Marl, Craig G stands among the ranks of the top emcee’s of all time. Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his new album “I Rap And Go Home” he opens up about his time in Minnesota at Soundset and the culmination of rap fans taking in performances from Future to The Roots to Goldlink and what it meant to bring in some new fans.

Jumping around from topic to topic including being in an opposing crew to HB, Craig G makes sure it’s clear that he was always a fan of Boogie Down Productions. Moving into his new album Craig G mentions that he’s not here to reinvent the wheel at this point in his career. He’s going to continue to make the music he loves and will not change up for teenagers.

During his time he also speaks on booking and promoting his own shows as he travels around the world from Scandinavia to Europe to Asia. He also breaks down his track “It’s My Turn” and the notion of continue to show up to parties he’s not invited to in order to show people he’s still around and making great music.

Before he leaves Craig G steps up to the mic for a legendary 5 Fingers of Death, joking that Sway will need 20 fingers for this one he takes cues and freestyles off the top without missing a beat. Watch above and head to iTunes to get your copy of “I Rap And Go Home.”

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