CookBook Chops up Sway in the Morning Sound Bites For New Track “Got The Answers” +

A few months ago LA-based rapper CookBook teamed up with veteran producer and Dilated Peoples member Evidence for a new EP titled “A Whole New Cook.” After letting it sit for a minute he comes back today with a unique track titled “Got The Answers” in which he goes back and forth with Sway by chopping up sound bites from Sway in the Morning. Being told he’s a true emcee and being asked if he has a verse prepared, CookBook floats over a laid back beat cooked up by Evidence himself.

This track is dope and we would love to hear more just like it so we’re challenging emcee’s to cook up a track of there own complete with sound bites from Sway in the Morning. So hyena’s stand up, write some raps and send them our way on Twitter using the hashtag #SwaysAnswersRaps, tag @RealSway and @SwaysUniverse as well. Good luck, right now CookBook is the gold standard you’re looking to to.

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