Convicted Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw Placed On Suicide Watch

Convicted Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw Placed On Suicide Watch

Convicted of serial rape, Daniel Holtzclaw had little to celebrate when he was sentenced on his birthday last Thursday for charges including four counts of rape in the first degree, and four additional counts of oral sodomy.

Currently facing 263 years in prison for his crimes, the verdict signals the end of a horrifying chapter in which the former Oklahoma City police officer grossly misused his power; specifically targeting black women, who he (incorrectly) assumed would not be believed because of their backgrounds and criminal history.

After visibly breaking down in court following the verdict, Holtzclaw was found guilty of 18 out of 36 charges, and now sits on suicide watch in the Oklahoma County jail. He will remain there until formal sentencing. With many sexual assaults going unreported, for a variety of reasons; although our system is flawed, in this case at least, it seems as if justice has prevailed.

Said District Attorney David Prater, “We’re going to ask the judge to make sure that this defendant never sees the light of day.” He added, “And we’re going to ask him to run consecutive, every count.”


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