Consequence Breaks Down NYC Hip Hop, Freestyles Relentlessly & New Music With Tony Yayo

Video by YSKSK

Working on his new project “Growing Up In New York,” rap legend Consequence lost track of time before coming up to Sway in the Morning. Helping to smooth things over with Sway he steps to the mic right off the bat and freestyles off the top and raps his verse off his current single “Ask Somebody.”

After letting out a sigh of relief Sway says he feels much better about things after hearing Cons attack the track. Getting right into things Consequence talks about getting Ty Dolla $ign and Tony Yayo on “Ask Somebody.” Revealing that he connected with Ty during a studio session with Kanye, Common and Rhymefest he says Ty found the melody and turned things into a hit. Running into Yayo, Consequence admits that he was looking for a New York vibe and Yayo was the perfect guy for the job. Aiming to drop the project shortly after Labor Day Consequence says he took his time to self-produce the entire thing.

Speaking on New York music and production coming out of the city Consequence challenges producers to bring the sound back to what it used to be. Saying that current New York rappers are making survival mechanism songs in order to get booked he speaks on the culture of the city changing.

After talking about New York Consequence critiques callers who rap live on air. With some bringing heat, others fall by the way side. Consequence is a good spirit however and is quick to give constructive feedback.

Ending things off he speaks on his favorite songs he’s made with Kanye. With the obvious being “The Good The Bad The Ugly” he also dubs “Getting Out The Game” as another personal favorite. Check out the full interview above and keep up with Consequence on Twitter @ItsTheCons.

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