Confident Bridget Kelly and Mack Wilds Team Up in "Act Like That"

“I’d rather get in here and get my groove on” | “You can leave, I know you coming right back.”

An extremely confident Bridget Kelly has all the juice in her brand new single “Act Like That” which features the talented Mack Wilds. The two go back and forth like a chess match that forces each to make moves only if their delivery is seamless and can play off each other perfectly because that’s exactly what they did. Chemistry wise, it is hard to find better between the opposite sex plus the uptempo bounce gives it that feel good “top down we take the scenic” vibe throughout. Falling right in our hands just a week before her ‘Summer of 17′ EP, she is giving us a lot to look forward to musically (a tour as well.)

Enjoy the new single from Bridget Kelly featuring Mack Wilds “Act Like That” off her upcoming EP below.

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