Compton’s Billionaire Buck is Back with “That’s Facts”

Compton’s Billionaire Buck is Back with “That’s Facts”

Compton, California rapper, Billionaire Buck is back with his forthcoming EP, Billions.

Produced by Larry Jay, his track “That’s Facts” revises a classic 2000 smash single from Bad Boy Records’ Black Rob “Whoa” as Billionaire Buck infuses the classic to sound off an aggressive, street knowledge-driven, brutally honest depiction of his days of street hustling and calculated money management to become the established successful businessman you see today. In his wordplay throughout the track, it is established that Billionaire Buck is an artist set on influencing the game by reprising the important lessons of wealth and fortune that has been long forgotten in this industry due today’s artist focusing on the party and short gain, throwing caution to the wind.

Listen to Billionaire Buck’s “That’s Facts” below.

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