Common and Jeff Friday on the ABFF & Showcasing Black Excellence in Film, New Music & Incredible Freestyle!

After witnessing Common tear up the stage in Minnesota at Soundset Festival on Sunday it was only appropriate to bring him by the show this week.

With his role as ambassador for the American Black Film Festival coming up on June 15th the Chicago emcee brought with the founder of this great establishment, Jeff Friday.

Speaking on using our history as a blueprint the two open up about the different panels that will be taking place in a few weeks in Miami. Also debuting the film “Birth Of A Nation,” the story of Nat Turner, they speak on the importance of financing and making their own history as African Americans.

Moving on Friday opens up about starting the ABFF after going to Sundance some 20 years ago and being one of the only black people in attendance. Common follows this up by speaking on the feeling of empowerment while on the set of “Selma” watching so many talented people of the same race working on such an important movie for their culture.
Before taking off Common tells Sway about his new album which is on the way, he even spits an incredible duo of verses from the project touching on black America and troubles so many people face.

Check out the full interview above as well as Common’s incredible freestyle below.

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