Comedian Michael Blackson Hilariously Interacts With Callers on Sway in the Morning: Plays ‘Am I,’ ‘Make Me Laugh’ & Gives out Citizenships

Michael Blackson aka the African King Of Comedy joined Heather B, Tracy G, DB, DJ Wonder and OQ while Sway was out of town. Wasting no time during his day as co-host, Blackson takes over to play ‘Am I’ as he takes calls and dubs callers ‘b*tch ass n***as’ after they tell him secrets.

Moving on he gives out citizenships to callers who have to answer Independence Day themed questions and the answers have the crew weary of what’s to come for our country.

Finishing things off he plays ‘make me laugh’ while citizens tell jokes and gauge Blackson’s response. While almost every caller falls flat on their face, 3 callers were successful in making the crew burst out in laughter.

Listen below and follow along with Michael Blackson on Twitter @MichaelBlackson.

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