Comedian Lil Rel Howery Gives Advice to Social Media Comedians + Plays Celebrity Wire

Lil Rel stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss what it’s like to be apart of The Carmichael Show and work with Jerrod Carmichael, who is the creator of the show.  Rel says Jerrod is really smart, and even though they have a big brother/little brother relationship, Rel says he learns a lot from him.

We often wonder how intimidating it must be to have to do standup for 30 minutes or even a full special, but Lil Rel said a lot of the times, you just throw yourself into a fire and whatever happens, happens, but be prepared with extra material.

The comedian also had this advice to give to social media comedians saying “if they want to jump into the stand-up arena, really work it…don’t just jump in and think it’s going to be easy.  You can’t just pause, delete, and start over when you mess up a joke.”  Plus, Rel plays Celebrity Wire where he comments on the latest celebrity gossip.  Watch the interview above and if you’re in the NY area, head over to Caroline’s in Manhattan for Lil Rel’s show tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30 and 10 p.m.

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