Comedian Dave Coulier AKA Uncle Joey Speaks on Playing Jokes on John Stamos & Writing a Children’s Book About Boogers

Known best for playing uncle Joey on “Full House,” Dave Coulier may also be one of the most purely funny guys in the world. Always trying some goofy antic to make people laugh, Coulier opens up about a particular prank he and Bob Saget played on John Stamos.

With “Fuller House” now streaming on Netflix he hear Coulier praise alternative platforms for their reach across the world. Throughout the remainder of his time on Sway in the Morning Coulier opens up about writing a children’s book about a booger, thoughts on the Olsen twins not returning and his friendship with Flava Flav.

But it’s not until BD brings up people now being offended by stand up comedy more and more that Coulier really speaks up. Saddened by this effect he says he feels sorry for younger generations for not having people like Chris Rock and Richard Pryor to knock down walls for them. His points and clear, concise and bring up a great point about the way audiences take in comedic content.

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