Comedian Christine Meehan-Berg on Disclosing Your Number of Sex Partners, New Album + Reminisces on DJ Wonder from High School on Sway In The Morning

Comedian Christine Meehan-Berg stopped by the show to talk about her upcoming comedy album Due Date.

The Delaware-native is currently nine-months-pregnant, which explains the title of the project. She explained that she began working on the album because she had to do something with herself in the interim of her pregnancy. She loves performing and plans to work until she delivers.

Berg also gave us insight on how she turned to comedy. She disclosed that she bathed her grandmother and was traumatized from the image of another woman’s genitals that close, then turned it into a comedy career.

Check out the full interview below to hear her thoughts about rioting pregnancy hormones, disclosing sex partner numbers, and what she remembers about DJ Wonder from high school.

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