College Football (Week 8 Recap): #8 Florida State Falls as Blocked FG Turns into 6 Points, #3 Utah Bruised and Beaten By USC and Tragedy at Oklahoma St.

College Football (Week 8 Recap): #8 Florida State Falls as Blocked FG Turns into 6 Points, #3 Utah Bruised and Beaten By USC and Tragedy at Oklahoma St.

The excitement and uncertainty of college sports is what makes them the best thing Saturdays have seen since early morning cartoons as a young’n. Any given week, your team can get comfortable looking ahead or at the rankings and think “this is an easy game, who do we play next?” only to fall victim to a shocking loss. This is what happened not once but twice this weekend as #8 Florida State and #3 Utah blew their championship hopes with losses…shocking ones.

Florida State was undoubtedly the favorite coming in considering the fact they hadn’t lost a conference game since 2012 and who would think unranked Georgia Tech could change that? After all, the Seminoles have a stellar defense and a Heisman candidate in the backfield in Dalvin Cook…but none of that mattered once the whistles blew. The conference matchup was a tightly played grudge match as neither team could gain momentum. That is until the final drive as FSU pushed to get into field goal range and then we got another play of the year candidate….Mind-Blowing finish to a 22-16 upset.


#3 Utah lost to unranked Pac 12 opponent USC 42-24, somewhere Oregon was probably watching thinking that Karma had caught up to the Utes after the 62-20 beating they took in Week 4. There are a few ways to completely give a game away, turnovers have to be at the top of that list and Utah’s QB Travis Wilson fell victim to 4 interceptions. Recipe for disaster everytime.

Sway’s Universe Performance of the Week:

If any of our citizens watched the USC vs. Utah game or even saw the highlights then you know this choice is 100% justified: LB Cameron Smith. The Freshman…(yes, a freshman) basically won the game for his team with his amazing 3 interception performance. For anyone to get three in one game is already rare but for a freshman at linebacker to achieve it to get one of the biggest upsets of the season + the very first game for their head coach Clay Helton?!

College Football has story lines that would take a few Golden Globes if it was in movie form. Every week can make or break your season.

Change of pace real quick as we shift the focus onto the tragedy that occurred in Stillwater as Oklahoma State University celebrated their homecoming weekend. Prior to the game against Kansas (who they destroyed 58-10), a 25-year old woman under the influence plowed through a parade killing four people and injuring 46 others. Initially, authorities assumed she was drunk but now according to multiple reports that wasn’t the case. Not sure how true that is or if they are trying to make the conversation about mental illness in order to lighten her sentence with her currently facing four 2nd degree murder charges. A humbling reminder of how quick things can change for anyone, we wish the families, friends and students affected by the situation all the best as they struggle to deal with the unexpected tragedy.


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