Coldplay and Beyonce Combine For a Perfect “Hymn For The Weekend”

With a brand new album dropping on Friday, Coldplay has brought in the heaviest of all the hitters in the game, Beyonce.  Adding angelic harmony to an almost club focussed record, Beyonce is the perfect addition to “Hymn For The Weekend.”  First premiered on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio show, Coldplay’s own Guy Berryman joined in to explain how the record came about in a proper British manor.  “She very kindly said she would,” said Berryman as he told Mac that the recording process took only 5 minutes.  During his time on BBC, Berryman also talked about the band’s London roots and his excitement for Coldplay’s first big tour in nearly 5 years.  Check out the new track below and head to iTunes to pre-order “A Head Full of Dreams.”

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