Clay Aiken Calls Sway A B*%CH On-Air + Overcoming Comments That a Gay Man and Celebrity Can't Be in Politics & Weighs in on Current Events

One time American Idol superstar and current politician Clay Aiken recently graced us with his presence on Sway In The Morning.

With his failed run at office in North Carolina in 2014, Aiken discusses comments that were made to him about not being able to run due to him being gay and a celebrity.  Overcoming them with great strength he discusses some of the policies he believes in and others he does not.

From the topic of Iran and Obama to the issue of immigrants living in America we hear Aiken speak clear and concisely.  Having to go through some sort of test, Sway puts Aiken on the spot to recite the Bill Of Rights, the results have Heather explaining which rights she knows and why.

But the fun wasn’t over there, Sway makes a comment and Clay’s shirt and the result is hilarious! Check out the full interview to see what goes down.

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